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Corporate Tax

Corporate Year Ends and Tax Returns

As CPAs we are recognized as leaders in our field. We understand that tax time can be confusing and stressful for corporations, but we’re here to make it easy. Our team has the expertise to deal with anything from simple tax questions right through to even the most complex corporate tax issues.

Running a corporation in Canada isn’t without its challenges, especially when it comes to tax. Corporate year-end requirements are complicated, regularly changing and difficult for most people to understand. We stay up to date with these requirements and changes so you don’t have to worry. We’ll make sure we prepare your company financials for end-of-year compliance in a way that’s accurate, detailed and complete. Our services mean your corporation can stay compliant, avoid errors, reduce the risk of the audit and stay on the right side of the CRA. We also offer GST and GST support and compliance and can ensure you make timely payments, avoid overpayments and stay on top of regulatory requirements.

You can expect the usual Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet preparation plus all the financial reporting that goes along with it. When you have these reports prepared by a professional who understands your business, you get access to the information, numbers and insights you need to make important and decisions.

As a Business owner with an Incorporation you have to file your corporation’s income tax return at the end of your fiscal year in order to stay compliant with CRA. We’ll make sure you comply by producing a set of detailed financial statements and then filing your T2 corporate income tax return. This process is always focused on saving you money, reducing your tax liability and aligning them with your financial goals.

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