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Personal Tax

Personal Tax

Income tax preparation service

BRM Professional Corporation can help you with tax preparation and tax planning.  We not only prepare your tax return, though can help you adjust your withholding taxes to minimize the amount of money being locked up with the Canada Revenue Agency.  We can identify and help you implement tax planning strategies to both reduce and defer your current and future tax, sometimes for many years, thereby helping you maximize available cash.   From immediate concerns to long term planning, we can help you establish an individually tailored approach to tax and financial planning that takes into account the complete picture of your family's financial status and goals. 


How we make tax preparation Easy for you!  

  • You can send us your tax documents via email,
  • We believe in turning around your tax return quick. We generally have most of our tax returns prepared within 3 days.  
  • Once your tax return is prepared we believe in reviewing your tax return with you so that you understand how we have calculated your tax and give you some tips on reducing your tax liability for the next year.  If you don't want to come to the office, we can review your tax return via online conference meeting. 
  • Need to sign off on your tax return, you can e-sign your tax return.  


Why select BRM Professional Corporation to assist you?

  • We are available throughout the year to answer your tax questions
  • We make the tax preparation process easy
  • We are Chartered Professional Accountants
  • We offer more than just preparing your tax return, we can help you with a financial plan or with tax planning
  • We are friendly and strive to provide a personalized service


Examples of our personal tax return services are:  

  • Income from Employment (T4 Slips)
  • Business Income Returns
  • Employment Expenses Returns
  • Moving Expenses Returns
  • Capital Gains Reporting Returns
  • Investment Income Reporting
  • Limited Partnerships
  • Rental Income Returns
  • Professional Income Returns
  • Commission Income Returns
  • Student Returns
  • Foreign Income and Assets Reporting Schedules
  • Pension Income/Old Age Security/Social Benefits reporting
  • T1 Adjustments to Filed Returns
  • Filing Objections and Appeals with CRA
  • Departure Tax Returns
  • New Immigrant Tax Returns
  • Deceased Tax Returns
  • Bankruptcy Returns
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